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Join me on a musical journey that promotes family growth and builds community.

Music is the international language that joins people of all ages and cultures together in healing and creative harmony. Music connects you with people haven't even met yet.  It enhances learning, nurtures self expression, extends our lives and makes us happy!

Creating music together builds confidence and increases our listening, attending, co-operation and creative skills.

Music opens up our hearts, connects us with others, heals our bodies, minds and souls.  It brings a cooperative influence to a very overly competative world.

"In music commitment is fundamental and transfers to every other part of life.   It promotes responsibility, discipline, self-esteem and develops creative problem solving skills.  Music is one of the most marvelous, healing forces in our society.
    ~ Michael Green, 1993 Grammy telecast speech

Whether we are young or old, music brings out our feelings and adds passion to our daily lives. It connects us and it makes us happier and healthier! It has the capacity to change the world.

The music is within you! Come and share your joy and harmony with me in musical community!